Gaelic Storm's run for Irish Culture!

About Gaelic Storm's run for Irish Culture!

Hey guys, it’s Ryan Lacey and Pete Purvis of Gaelic Storm here. We have once again decided to run a marathon to raise some money for a good cause. This year we chose the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, and we are proud to announce we picked the Milwaukee Irish Fest organization CelticMKE as our charity. What does CelticMKE do? Well, they do all kinds of things to promote Irish music and culture throughout the world, but most importantly, and truly what was the deciding factor in us picking this charity is that THEY PUT INSTRUMENTS INTO KIDS HANDS THAT NORMALLY COULDN’T AFFORD THEM!!!!! For Gaelic Storm and many other touring Celtic acts we know, Milwaukee Irish Fest holds a special place in our hearts. The festival has continued to be a launching pad for many an artist, including ourselves, so we are truly indebted to their organization. What better way to give back for all they’ve done for us then to run a marathon to raise money for their amazing charity. So please donate and help us raise some serious dough for a great cause! Special thanks to Joe Martino from CIDERBOYS and the rest of the fine people who organize the marathon, we can’t wait to get this going!